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Research shows that AAHA-accredited practices have more loyal, engaged clients, earn more revenue, and have higher staff-to-doctor ratios*. But many practices value the hidden benefits of natural team-building and improved morale that comes from preparing for an AAHA evaluation even more.

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* Financial and Productivity Pulsepoints, 10th Edition, Lakewood, CO: AAHA Press

Traditional accreditation
  • Nonspecialty accreditation for full-service veterinary care facilities
  • Evaluated on standards covering all aspects of veterinary medicine
  • Medical director is not required to be board certified
Referral accreditation
  • Specialty accreditation for AVMA-recognized veterinary specialties
  • Evaluated only on the standards applicable to the specialties that the practice wishes to accredit
  • Medical director(s) must be board certified in each specialty the practice wishes to accredit
End-of-Life Care accreditation
  • Specialty accreditation for:
    • A practice that is already AAHA-accredited, with a brick-and-mortar and/or mobile department dedicated to providing end-of-life care services.
    • Any brick-and-mortar and/or mobile practice solely dedicated to providing end-of-life care services.

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