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When Helping Hurts: Compassion Fatigue in the Veterinary Profession

by Kathleen Ayl, PsyD

Compassion fatigue comes with the territory in a career based on care. Avoid burnout and increase job satisfaction with a book tailored to the emotional challenges of vet professionals.

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Compassion inspired your career. Don’t let its flip side, compassion fatigue, burn you out. This practical book brings much-needed support to veterinary professionals, who encounter death three times more often than practitioners of human medicine. When Helping Hurts offers down-to-earth guidance on how to recognize and address the emotional challenges of caring for patients and clients who are grappling with illness, disability, or death.

With helpful workbooks and quizzes, this veterinary-specific resource will help you:

  • Assess yourself for compassion fatigue
  • Learn techniques for dealing with compassion fatigue
  • Recognize compassion fatigue in other team members
  • Keep employees happy, which decreases turnover
  • Avoid workplace conflict
Kathleen Ayl, PsyD, is a Grief Recovery Institute–certified grief recovery specialist and has dedicated her practice to pet loss recovery and veterinary team support. She is the author of numerous articles and books on compassion fatigue and pet loss, and presents workshops and lectures in these subject areas both nationally and internationally.
Part I. Understanding Compassion Fatigue
1. Understanding When Helping Hurts
2. Inner and Outer Factors Leading to Compassion Fatigue
3. Honoring the Bond of Attachment
4. Euthanasia and Its Emotional Impact on the Team
5. Recognizing the Symptoms of Compassion Fatigue
Part II. Treating Compassion Fatigue
6. No Script, No Road Map
7. Getting Help: Finding a Compassion Fatigue Specialist
8. Coping: The Importance of Self-Care
9. Creating a Personalized Self-Care Plan
10. Now Where? The Future of Compassion Fatigue in the Veterinary Industry
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“A must read. This book offers a roadmap through the maze of companion-animal care, from its pitfalls to its joys. While defining compassion fatigue and the suffering that can stem from doing this highly motivational work, Dr. Ayl reminds us of the pleasure and satisfaction we can derive from caring for our dear, furry friends.”
—Patricia Smith, founder, Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project