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AAHA Guide to Creating an Employee Handbook, Third Edition

by American Animal Hospital Association, Third edition edited by Amanda L. Donnelly, DVM, MBA

Why create an employee handbook from scratch? The AAHA Guide to Creating an Employee Handbook gives you a comprehensive handbook you can easily customize on a companion website.

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What can a great employee handbook do? Get your new hires up to speed faster. Set clear expectations. Eliminate the stress of ad hoc, arbitrary decision-making. And, by detailing your compliance with federal and state regulations, even defend your practice against claims of discrimination or unfair treatment. Now, with the AAHA Guide to Creating an Employee Handbook, you can easily tailor a handbook to your unique practice.
This comprehensive handbook comes with a companion website where you can customize your own version. (Conveniently, the entire file is in Microsoft Word.)  Multiple sample policies are provided for topics such as:
  • Employee hours
  • Maternity leave
  • Wages and salaries
  • Employee benefits
  • Termination and resignation
  • Antiharassment
  • Much more

New to this edition:

  • Applicable changes in federal law
  • Updated human resources ideas and language
  • More information on practices’ vision, mission, and core values
  • Additional sections on topics such as social networking, domestic violence leave, drug testing, dress code, termination protocols and more

This publication is in compliance with federal employment laws in effect as of 2009. We recommend that you have your employee handbook reviewed by a local attorney familiar with your state’s labor laws before distributing it to your employees.

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Softcover, reviewed by attorney 2009, AAHA Press

Using This Guide to Create Your Employee Handbook
Getting Started
Legal Issues
AAHA Planning Worksheet for Employee Handbooks

Part 1. Introducing This Handbook
Part 2. Employment Practices
Part 3. Wages and Salary
Part 4. Policies
Part 5. Employee Benefits
Part 6. Termination and Resignation