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SET Feline-Specific Behavior Brochures

Your favorite behavior brochures—just for cats!

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How do I housetrain my kitten? Why is my cat destroying my sofa? So many questions, so little time. With easy-to-understand text and engaging illustrations, this set of brochures explains to your clients the mysteries of pet behavior and offers practical strategies for preventing or correcting problems. The AAHA Pet Behavior brochures, developed by a team of veterinarians and certified veterinary behaviorists, have been recently updated to reflect best practices as outlined in the 2015 AAHA Canine and Feline Behavior Management Guidelines. Your clients will appreciate this handy, take-home reference. You will appreciate these time-saving backups in educating your clients and preserving the human-animal bond.

This feline-friendly set includes:
“We are very happy to have the behavior brochures. The information is informative but succinct. It is nice to have something to hand to clients to reinforce what I tell them behavior wise, especially with the limited time we have to cover behavior during routine appointments.”
—Rachel L. Scotland, VMD, Absecon Veterinary Hospital
“We love the behavior brochures. I feel like we hand one out at least every other appointment. They provide great information for clients to understand without being filled with medical terminology. They also provide a lot of good tips and tricks for puppy and kitten owners!”
—Meagan Darrow, Certified Veterinary Assistant, Dogwood Veterinary Hospital and Laser Center
Set of six brochures (50 of each title), AAHA Press

Brochures also available by topic in packs of 50