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Standard Abbreviations for Veterinary Medical Records, Third Edition

by American Animal Hospital Association

Updated and expanded, this third edition contains more than 650 general medical abbreviations, plus a section with more than 100 imaging abbreviations.

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With contributions by Gordon W. Robinson, VMD; Jason Berg, DVM; Mark Skeels, DVM; and Tomas W. Baker, MS

In today’s fast-paced practices, penning lengthy, explicit medical records simply isn’t realistic. On the other hand, abbreviations can get lost in translation—between practices in the case of a transfer, or even between doctors in the same hospital. Ensure that your patients get the best continued care with a trustworthy, truly standard set of  veterinary abbreviations.  This updated and expanded book provides general abbreviation rules, more than 650 general medical abbreviations, more than 100 imaging abbreviations, and oncology drug protocols and grading systems for conditions such as heart failure. Clear communication is essential to continued quality care for your patients.
Recommended reading by the CVPM certification program, offered by the VHMA.

Preface to the Third Edition

General Rules
Alphabetical by Abbreviation
General Medical Abbreviations
Imaging Abbreviations
Miscellaneous Abbreviations
Alphabetical by Definition
General Medical Abbreviations
Imaging Abbreviations
Miscellaneous Abbreviations
Grading Systems
“We love [this] book for training new technicians as well as new doctors so everyone is speaking the same language. Even the people who have been here for many years refer to it frequently, especially when communicating with other hospitals. We love it!”
—Matthew Ford, DVM, Scarborough Animal Hospital
“I have ordered the Standard Abbreviations books for several years for our students in the Veterinary Technology program. They receive the books the first week they are in our program. We want to teach them from day one the importance of standardization throughout the practice, especially when writing in medical records. In addition to each student having a copy, we have a copy in treatment areas. The books are very easy to use, concise, and I think it assists us in promoting professionalism because they see there are standard abbreviations.”
—Debbie Reed, RVT, codirector of the Veterinary Technology Program at Murray State College