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Veterinary Secondary Container Labels with Poster

by American Animal Hospital Association

These labels meet OSHA standards and protect employees. Package includes poster that explains symbols on labels.

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$54.95 Nonmember

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3 x 2.5; 8.5 x 11
AAHA Press

Good news. There’s no need to change your current labeling system . . . if it provides specific information regarding the hazards of chemicals. (See OSHA Brief 3636.) Feel confident that you’re communicating those hazards effectively with the addition of AAHA Veterinary Secondary Container Labels. These waterproof stickers allow you to easily comply with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard, are sized for veterinary practice containers, and come with an instructional poster. (Please note that purchasers are responsible for evaluating whether these labels meet their state’s requirements, which may differ from federal rules.)
You have the option of purchasing the labels without the poster (see the "Related Products" section below for the link to the package of labels with the poster).

100 waterproof labels (10 per sheet), laminated poster, AAHA Press