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AAHA Controlled Substance Logs Set

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Updated and improved to ensure best practices, the AAHA Controlled Substance Logs help veterinary professionals meet the DEA’s stringent recordkeeping requirements in all 50 states and Canada.
Reviewed and edited by DEA experts, these logs:
  • Help you achieve compliance with DEA regulations
  • Safeguard against human errors
  • Provide a source of internal accountability 
  • Accommodate the separation of records for Schedule II drugs and Schedule III, IV, and V drugs 
  • Allow you to track and complete all your logging for one drug in one place
The AAHA Controlled Substance Logs come with six copies of the Unopened and Opened Container Logs along with two Initial and Biennial Inventory Forms. The Unopened and Opened Container Logs feature an authorized personnel log, unopened container logs, opened container logs, inventory reconciliation logs, and—new to this third edition—both a registrant “near miss” incident notification log to note any anomalies in the management of your controlled substances, and an expired controlled substance log. In addition, standalone Initial and Biennial Inventory Forms are included to allow you to maintain and store inventory counts and results separately from other drug logs, as required by law.
This reliable log system will fit seamlessly into your practice operations and save you and your team hours of busywork.
Looking for help implementing the logs in your practice? See the bonus content tab above!
Weight Matters: An introduction to using weight as a standard tracking system for controlled substances.   
 Expired Drugs: An introduction to logging and properly disposing of expired controlled substances. 
Near Miss: An introduction to logging unexpected events and correcting errors with controlled substances.

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