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The Link Between Healthy Workplace Culture and Optimal Personal Wellbeing: AAHA Culture Roundtable

Listen in on the conversation to learn why these experts believe wellbeing and practice culture are inextricably linked, and what you can do to improve them both.


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Personal wellbeing and workplace culture impact and apply to every member of the veterinary practice team.
AAHA is launching a major initiative to address wellbeing by using a positive, proactive approach to help prevent or mitigate mental health issues in veterinary practice teams. We intend to do this by encouraging practice team members to embrace the benefits of self-care and to provide practices with the resources to optimize their workplace culture.
One of the ways we’re supporting this initiative is by tapping into the expertise of those in the trenches of wellbeing and culture transformation. We’ve convened the experts, so read on to learn why experts believe wellbeing and  practice culture are inextricably linked, and what you can do to improve them both.