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Veterinary Fee Reference, Eleventh Edition

by American Animal Hospital Association

In your practice’s unique market, it’s critical to set the right prices to attract new clients, satisfy loyal clients, and keep you profitable and competitive.

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Targeted data is the foundation of a solid pricing strategy.

In your practice’s unique market, it’s critical to set the right prices to attract new clients, satisfy loyal clients, and keep you profitable and competitive.

The Veterinary Fee Reference is here to help with US veterinary fees for more than 500 services and cases and more than 600 tables with data on examinations, procedures, medications, and—for the first time—telemedicine. Sourced from 950 practices, you can easily pinpoint what practices just like yours—in terms of factors such as median household income of clients, metropolitan status of the practice, and practice size—are charging and adjust accordingly.

New and updated data, including:

  • New! Fees for telemedicine and laser therapy
  • New! How fees are handled for multigroup practices
  • Emergency and preventive care visits
  • Vaccinations, boarding, surgical procedures, and more

Use the profession’s most reliable and well-organized information to be confident that your practice is establishing the right value for its services and products, resulting in fees that are both reasonable and competitive.

List of Tables
Survey Methodology
1. Overview 
   How to Use the Data
   Statistical Process
   Introduction to Setting Fees
   Get Started with a Review of Your Fee Schedule
   Data Tables: Summary of Fees
   Data Tables: Fee Adjustments
   Data Tables: Demographics of Respondents
2. Examinations and Preventive Care Services: Telemedicine and Office Visits
   Data Tables: Telemedicine: Examinations and Consultations
   Data Tables: Examinations and Consultations
   Data Tables: Preventive Care Services
   Data Tables: Health Certificates
3. Vaccination Services and Protocols
   Data Tables: Vaccination Services
4. Discounts on Services
   Data Tables: Discounts on Services
5. Grooming and Boarding Services
   Data Tables: Grooming Services
   Data Tables: Boarding Services
6. Dental Services
   Data Tables: Dental Case
   Data Tables: General Dental Services
7. Laboratory Services
   Data Tables: General Laboratory Services
   Data Tables: Laboratory Tests Completed In-House
   Data Tables: Laboratory Tests Completed by Outside Lab
8. Diagnostic and Imaging Services
   Data Tables: Diagnostic Services
   Data Tables: Imaging Services
   Data Tables: Diagnostic Imaging Cases
9. Prescription Medications
   Data Tables: Prescription Fees
   Data Tables: Percentage Markups
10. Fluid Therapy Services
   Data Tables: Fluids Setup
   Data Tables: Fluid Therapy
11. Hospitalization Services 
   Data Tables: Hospitalization, No Overnight Stay
   Data Tables: Hospitalization, Overnight Stay
12.Anesthesia Services
   Data Tables: General Anesthesia Services
   Data Tables: Other Anesthesia Services
13. Treatment Procedures
   Data Tables: General Treatment Procedures
   Data Tables: Treatment Cases
14. Surgical Procedures
   Data Tables: General Surgical Procedures
   Data Tables: Elective Surgical Procedures
   Data Tables: Nonelective Surgical Procedures
   Data Tables: Surgical Cases
15. End-of-Life Services
   Data Tables: Euthanasia
   Data Tables: Necropsy
   Data Tables: Cremation
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