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Unopened and Opened Container Logs

by American Animal Hospital Association

Purchase additional copies of the Unopened and Opened Container Logs for your unique controlled drug logging needs.

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8.5" x 11"
AAHA Press

When it comes to DEA regulations, only bound, hardcopies of your controlled substance records will do. With the AAHA Controlled Substance Logs, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your practice is in full DEA compliance—and you’re providing greater efficiency and security for your staff. Thoroughly revised, redesigned and reviewed by industry experts, these logs:  
  • Facilitate compliance with DEA regulations
  • Safeguard against human errors
  • Provide a source of internal accountability
  • Accommodate the separation of records for Schedule I and II drugs and Schedule III, IV, and V drugs
  • Allow you to complete all your logging for one drug in one book

Each copy of the Unopened and Opened Container Logs features an initials-entry log, unopened container log, opened container log, and—new to the second edition—a physical count log for added accountability.

To purchase the AAHA Controlled Substance Logs set, which includes six Unopened and Opened Container Logs and two Initial and Biennial Inventory Forms, click here.

Softcover, AAHA Press