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Lead to Thrive: The Science of Crafting a Positive Veterinary Culture (10 Copies)

Discover the 4 Ps of positive leadership - and help your whole team have a great day at work.

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Regardless of your job title, you influence your team’s culture.
Lead to Thrive: The Science of Crafting a Positive Veterinary Culture blends cutting-edge research with actionable guidance to support your leadership journey—whether you’re sitting behind the manager’s desk or leading from within the team. Utilizing his distinctive storytelling voice, Josh Vaisman guides you through the four pillars of positive leadership:
  1. Psychological Safety: creating a safe space for voice
  2. Purpose: enabling meaningful work experiences
  3. Path: celebrating and developing strengths
  4. Partnership: cultivating inclusion and belongingness
This pioneering book provides evidence-based strategies, engaging activities and assessments, and compelling case studies to help you create a veterinary practice culture on purpose, not by accident.

Rediscover what you always loved about the veterinary profession, find meaning in the everyday, and learn how to promote wellbeing within your team, one step at a time.

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