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PDF How We Do Things Here: Developing and Teaching Office-Wide Protocols

by Nan Boss, DVM

Train your whole team in office-wide protocols so everyone—from the receptionist to the veterinary technician—is following the same procedures.

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AAHA Press

Train your entire staff together on issues that affect everyone with this resource from AAHA Press. Most practice managers train individual staff members on their duties as they are hired, but often don’t address issues that affect the whole staff, stopping short of complete training. These easy-to-implement weekly, biweekly, or monthly staff training meeting guides teach all new staff members office-wide protocols so everyone, from the receptionists to the veterinary technicians, know, for example, how much the practice charges for X-rays and why. This manual can be modified to fit existing protocols or can be used to develop new ones. Save time and create consistency with How We Do Things Here: Developing and Teaching Office-Wide Protocols.

How We Do Things Here features:

  • Basic and advanced quizzes for your whole staff and your technical team
  • Separate keys and quizzes, for the trainer and the trainee
  • Instructions and introductions for the trainer and the trainee

    • About the Author 
      Nan Boss, DVM, is the author of The Client Education Notebook: Customized Client Education Materials to Use in Your Own Practice and Educating Your Clients from A to Z. She is active in several veterinary organizations and speaks for veterinary groups on client-education topics, team training and development, conflict resolution, medical recordkeeping, and wellness program development.
      PDF with editable documents, AAHA Press


      Module 1. Anatomy, Examinations, Common Diseases, and Problems
      Lesson 1. Parts of the Body
      Lesson 2. Examinations
      Lesson 3. Common Tests and Procedures
      Lesson 4. Common Medical Problems
      Lesson 5. Common Skin and Ear Problems
      Lesson 6. Osteoarthritis
      Suggested Reading

      Module 2. Vaccinations
      Lesson 1. Canine Vaccines (Part One)
      Lesson 2. Canine Vaccines (Part Two)
      Lesson 3. Feline Vaccines (Part One)
      Lesson 4. Feline Vaccines (Part Two)
      Lesson 5. Vaccine Protocols
      Suggested Reading
      Module 3. Parasites
      Lesson 1. Intestinal Parasites
      Lesson 2. Heartworm
      Lesson 3. Fleas
      Lesson 4. Ticks
      Lesson 5. Other Parasites
      Suggested Reading
      Module 4. Dentistry, Radiology, and Surgery
      Lesson 1. Spay and Neuter Surgery Protocols
      Lesson 2. Elective Surgery
      Lesson 3. Hospital Policies and Procedures
      Lesson 4. Dentistry
      Lesson 5. Radiology
      Lesson 6. Anesthesia and Anesthetic Safety
      Suggested Reading
      Module 5. Laboratory and Pharmacy
      Lesson 1. Stool and Urine
      Lesson 2. Laboratory Procedures
      Lesson 3. Pharmacy (Part One)
      Lesson 4. Pharmacy (Part Two)
      Suggested Reading
      Module 6. Ill Pets and Hospitalization
      Lesson 1. In-patient Logistics
      Lesson 2. Common In-patient Problems
      Suggested Reading
      Module 7. Outpatient, Exam Room, and Front Desk
      Lesson 1. The Client Visit
      Lesson 2. Puppy and Kitten Visits
      Lesson 3. Common Situations
      Lesson 4. Stocking and Supplies
      Suggested Reading
      Module 8. Behavior, Handling, and Safety
      Lesson 1. Staff and Client Safety
      Lesson 2. Restraint in Dogs
      Lesson 3. Restraint in Cats and Exotics
      Suggested Reading
      Module 9. Nutrition
      Lesson 1. Food Types and Recommendations
      Lesson 2. Common Questions about Nutrition
      Suggested Reading
      Module 10. Client Communication and Scheduling
      Lesson 1. Phone Calls
      Lesson 2. Appointment Scheduling Basics
      Lesson 3. Scheduling Outpatient Appointments
      Lesson 4. Scheduling In-patient Appointments
      Lesson 5. Euthanasia Appointments
      Lesson 6. Client Communication and Service
      Lesson 7. Compliance
      Suggested Reading
      Module 11. Business and Communication
      Lesson 1. Prices and Policies for Payment
      Lesson 2. Practice Management
      Lesson 3. Building Maintenance and Practice Operations
      Lesson 4. Office Supplies
      Lesson 5. Medical Records
      Lesson 6. Practice Philosophy
      Lesson 7. Human Resources
      Suggested Reading

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