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Financial and Productivity Pulsepoints, Tenth Edition

The all-new tenth edition of this must-have resource contains the data, analysis, and context you need in order to measure your success against profession standards, identify gaps, and develop action plans for improvement.

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How profitable your practice will be is up to you. Is it performing at its peak potential?

Using critical benchmark data from practices just like yours, you’ll ensure your hospital is competitive and operating at its best.

Financial and Productivity Pulsepoints is the industry standard for benchmarking. Now in its tenth edition, this bestselling practice management tool allows you to determine where your practice is successful and where improvements can be made. The new edition includes fresh data on practice demographics, hospital expenses and revenue, and everything in between provided by hospitals across the country. All data tables are accompanied by clear explanations, analyses, and discussions—giving you the information you need to curb expenses and accelerate profits.

Find out if other hospitals are uncovering hidden costs you’ve been missing, discover which added services can most impact your bottom line, and strike the ideal balance of staff for your hospital. With this book, you’ll also have access to a bevy of invaluable decision-support tools on the companion website. Use them to:
  • Simulate the effect of changes you could make—such as increasing your average transaction charge by one dollar—and see, in real time, their larger effects
  • Strengthen your profitability strategy by learning which key performance indicators make the biggest difference
  • Take the guesswork out of inventory and set a reliable reorder schedule
A must-have for every practice owner or manager, Financial and Productivity Pulsepoints is the benchmark.
Paperback, 270 pages, 110 tables, 2019, AAHA Press
How to Use This Companion Book and Website 
Summary and Analysis of Results
Data Tables
1. Demographics
2. Staff
3. Revenue
4. Productivity
5. Expenses
6. Net Income and Owner Compensation 
2017 AAHA Financial and Productivity Pulsepoints Survey
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